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Murray Dicks is our security director. Please feel free to contact him for any questions or suggestions regarding BCE security. 

email: murray.dicks@beaulieu-estate.co.za 

Onion-skin security strategy.

The security strategy which BCE has implemented since late 2008 is based on an onion-skin principle involving multiple layers of deterrents.  No one single deterrent is sufficient for an estate like ours.  These security layers or deterrents start with our perimeter fence, the armed reaction vehicles, the spike grippers, the guards at the gates, the video cameras, undercover operations, bridle trail gates, bridle trail sensors, etc, etc.  And one of the most important layers of the onion is the security measures of each resident. The next phase of our strategy is to install thermal cameras on our perimeter.  But this is a costly exercise, and we are hoping to further improve the levy collection from residents.

Please feel free to contact our security manager for a free security evaluation and advice.

Security Manager - Johan Engelbrecht 

email: security@beaulieu-estate.co.za 

The Beaulieu Security Control Room and the Security Manager’s office is situated at the Main Entrance Gatehouse in Papenfus Drive. Tel: (011) 468 2417. The Security Manager is “out and about” in the suburb most of the time - he may be contacted on 079-527-8274.

Please report all incidents, good or bad, to the Beaulieu Control Room on 011-468-2983, from where any response will be controlled and directed.  Do not hesitate - report anything even slightly suspicious immediately.

Access control

Beaulieu Country Estates is not a closed suburb. We have no legal right to prevent anyone from entering into the estate. BCE does have the legal right to monitor entry and exit from the Estate. 

There are currently five road entrances/exits. The main gate is on Papenfus Road. The other four access points are on Crocus Rd, Spur Rd, Campolino Rd and Cedar Rd.
The main entrance is open 24/7, while the other access points are only open between 6 am and 6 pm. Limited access to all sticker holders is possible at the Crocus Rd entrance every day between 6pm and 7pm.  Campolino Rd is a private entrance for Campolino residents only.

All entrances have been equipped with grippers and push-buttons. The buttons need to be pushed before entry can be gained to the estate. In addition, the main entrance has a member's entrance. This uses RF ids to monitor/gain access, and is available to paid up members in good standing only.

On horse back or horse carriage - be careful crossing the gripper gates. If possible please use the provided side entrance.

Domestic Watch

Domestic Watch is run each month in Beaulieu for the Staff employed by Beaulieu residents.

Those who live and work on our properties are a critical dimension of the many layers of our safety and security strategy and tactics. ALL residents are requested to release their staff of 2 to 3 hours on one morning a month to attend domestic watch.

While the original catalyst for Domestic Watch was, of course, crime related issues, the scope of what is now introduced to the staff has been widened to include things like first aid and “what to do in the event of other things” like a fire, etc.

Bridle trails


We currently have a curfew on the bridle trails. No one is to use the bridle trials at night. If anyone is found in them at night, they will be treated with a great deal of suspicion. This curfew has been put in place as a crime prevention measure.

The curfew is enforced by patrolling guards, patrolling guards with dogs and Roboguard bridle trail sensors that are linked to an alarm. The Roboguard bridle trail sensors is a new initiative that is proving to be very successful. (Please contact us if you wish to sponsor a sensor covering the bridal trail on your property. They cost about R2,000.)

Bridle remotes policy

We have approximately 22 kilometres of Bridle Trails. As a security measure most of these are now gated. You may obtain a gate opener from the Admin Office by completing the Bridle Trail Agreement available from the office. The current cost of this remote control is R100.00 which is refundable upon return. In addition, if you are a member of The Horse Society, we can encode this remote control to allow access to THS grounds.


The primary use of the bridal trails is for equestrian (it is in your title deeds).

It has been agreed that runners, walkers and cyclists are also permitted to use them, provided this is done in a manner that is safe for horses. There is still a concern with cyclists. Large groups of cyclists should be avoided, and when a cyclist approaches horses they need to approach slowly and may even need to get off their bikes in order to allow the safe passing of the horses.

Motorised vehicles, motorbikes and four-wheelers are prohibited from using the bridal trails.
Fence maintenance - we are currently do a complete revamp of our perimeter fence.

Appaloosa gate

You can access to the Appaloosa external bridle gate by using your cellphone. In order to gain this access you need to register on the system. Please contact the security manager, Johan Engelbrecht on 079 527 8274 or security@beaulieu-estate.co.za to make an appointment to register on the system. Please take your cell phone and a recent cell phone account with you to the meeting with Johan.

Crime incident map

We regularly produce a crime incident map. This map is available for viewing at our offices at the main gate on Papenfus road. 
See below our crime statistics for the past few years as at 20 February 2012.
Submit a crime incident
If you have had a crime incident and you don't see it in our list then please submit the incident to us.
You can phone Johan or fill in the submit for below.